How does cafe mimi work?

Every woman dreams of well-groomed hands, healthy smooth skin, shiny beautiful hair. Unfortunately, the modern rhythm of life, environmental influences and stress negatively affect the condition of our skin and hair ... this is where cafe mimi cosmetics come to the rescue!

Formulas rich in vitamins and microelements, with a high content of natural ingredients, provide comprehensive care, protection and nutrition and, with regular use, will give visible long-term results. Your skin is BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY, RADIANT every day!

How does cafe mimi work?

Do you test on animals?

We love and cherish nature. We've never tested our cosmetics on animals and never will.

Do you test on animals?

How can I recycle cafe mimi cups?

We are doing our best to promote sustainable lifestyle and encourage you to send us cafe mimi cup paskaging for recycling. 

Just follow 4 easy steps:

1. Collect 5 cafe mimi cups

2. Wash them and take off the stickers

3. Put in any box or bag

4. Leave them at any PickPoint spot. Choose cafe mimi and enter you mobile number. 

The cups will be sent back to us for free where we will reycle them into new packaging! 

If you have any questions, you can

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